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Re: PC: Hairball?

Jim Hebner wrote:
> Hey ! what is happening?
> Did smelly cat cough up a hairball and a bunch of PC stuff at the same time?
> or are we all on line at once? - we should in line at the Post office filling out our 1040s
Consider this....

a) We've had about three dozen messages sent to the list tonight in the
past three hours,

b) There are over 200 subscribers between the regular and digest versions
of the list,


c) The mailing list and web site server runs on a Linux-powered 486
with 16 MB of memory!

We've had an unusually high amount of list traffic tonight, and so
the mail server was falling way behind. I was pretty much waiting for
it to grind to a halt, but it hung in there and got caught up finally.
(For you UNIX techies, it's load average was over 7 at one point...)

Like the Taco Bell dog once said, "I think I need a bigger box." :-)

And, to save bandwidth and work on my slow box: Yes, I'll be at
Summerail this year, barring any further broken bones or other
unforseen circumstances. :-) I have several of my friends from
Cleveland giving shows this year, so I'm looking forward to it.


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