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PC: Re: interesting errata

There are no plastic C425's than Atlas.   TYCO made the C430.  When TYCO was
taken over by Mattel several years ago they did not revive the trains. TYCO
also made a shortened GG-1, E7, a nice hi-nose SD24 before Mattel took them
over. There was also a PC Green GP20 in addition to the F7's.

Model Power offers a C430 similar to TYCO's

As for MGA RF-16's, none were ever repainted, but simply relettered NYC
units. I doubt repaints would have the white stripe on the nose


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Subject: PC: interesting errata

> I was just surfing around a few Ebay auctions over the weekend, when I
> some interesting PC stuff...Marx steamers lettered PC, PC stainless
> passenger cars, a pair of Tyco green F-units... Most of the stuff wasn't
> that expensive at all!
> I also have a few questions...
> I just picked up an old RF16. I'd like to repaint it for the Monongahela,
> one of PC's subsidiaries. MGA was controlled by NYC, and its Baldwins were
> painted in the cigar-band scheme, but with MGA lettering instead of NYC.
> However, I haven't been able to find any decals! Can anyone help me out
> here?
> Along with the RF16, I managed to score an old Tyco Alco 4-motor. I'd like
> to paint it in PC colors as well. Trouble is, I can't figure out if it's a
> C430, or 425 because my photos are somewhat grainy. Did these units have
> odd details?
> Thanks in advance,
> --Chris
> P.S., my long-term GP9 project is almost ready for the paint shop!
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