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Re: PC: interesting errata

Chris Osterhus wrote:

> Along with the RF16, I managed to score an old Tyco Alco 4-motor. I'd like
> to paint it in PC colors as well. Trouble is, I can't figure out if it's a
> C430, or 425 because my photos are somewhat grainy. Did these units have any
> odd details?
It's a C430...notice the box behind the cab. The big problem with that
model (besides the fact that it's a Tyco!) is the trucks....the NYC/PC
C430's had the hi-adhesion trucks, not to pseudo-AAR Type B trucks that
the Tyco model has (which are too wide if I remember right). The only
two C430's built with the AAR Type B trucks were the Reading's pair.

I actually have one of those Tyco C430's packed in a box somewhere.
Mine was the "Silver Streak"....I ran it on my passenger train with
my Life-Like Amtrak cars....when I was 10.... :-)

Don't know of any MGA decals offhand. Maybe if Jim Kosty gets
ambitious one day...

That does give me a great idea though....how I can justify a Shark on
my PC-era layout! Wonder if the MGA Sharks might have ever gotten
lost and wandered around north of Pittsburgh on the PC...? >-)


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