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PC: Re: PC roster site

What numbers are NH GP7's as? NH's McGinnis owned GP7's under B&M which is
why they are painted, lettered and numbered similarly to NH.  NH GP9
1200-1229, BM GP7
1500's (also BL2's) BM GP9 1700-1749. Neither owned 1300, 1800, 1900 series.

RR Magazine once published an NH Roster that listed NH 2030-2059 as "FL9B"
Hmm. Interesting to model an ABBA FL9.


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> Don't take the Railspot roster information as gospel.  I've just checked
> their New Haven roster and found it to be quite incomplete as well as
> listing several GP-7s; a model that the New Haven never owned.  A few
> examples of what's missing: ALL of the electrics, PAs, C-425s, FB-2s,
> most of the DL-109s.
>    JW

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