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Re: PC: Re: PC roster site

"Craig E. Hatter" wrote:
> That is fabulous Mr Jordak  Please stay up all night tonight and every other
> night till you find the list that has dispostions as well<g>
Actually, as they would say with Prego, it's in there...

Go to the main Railspot engine database page at

Click on "RR/Unit Inquiry", "Serial Number Search", or "Frame Number
Search", and search for a particular locomotive. It will bring back
one or more selections for that number (useful in the case of PC where
road numbers were recycled as the GP38-2's kept coming). Pick one and
click "submit query" and it will give you a history on the unit.

For example, I punched up PRR 5711 (Benett Levin's second ex-CR E8). It
listed PRR 5711, PC 4311, AMTK 317, AMTK 499, and CR 4021:2. Guess
they haven't entered the last change of ownership to Juniata Terminal


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