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PC: PC roster site

Hey gang,

While looking for some other stuff on the net tonight, I came across
the Railspot site, which includes all-time locomotive rosters. One of
which is Penn Central. Check it out at:


You can also download a ZIP'd CSV file that you can import into a
spreadsheet of the whole roster at:


There's tons of rosters and other good stuff at the Railspot site. Go
to http://www.railspot.com/ and click "Engine History Database" to get
to their locomotive history and roster stuff...it's pretty impressive!

I think I'll add a link to the PC roster from my web site, if anything
to cut down on the number of e-mails I get whining about "when are you
going to post a real locomotive roster on your web site?". Of course,
I'll probably wait until "Mr. Roster" Mark Branibar verifies the
Railspot database for accuracy first...  :-)


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