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Re: PC: PC Fonts

Nathan Camp <Campn -AT- meijer.com> said: 

> So where are these fonts available?
> Square 721 and so on.

You can get them from Bitstream....see the FAQ page listing at

You all *do* know that there is a Frequently Asked Questions page on
my PC web site, right? :-)

Speaking of web site, I've done some spot updates to some of the
Library contents, including the Sightings page. I've added listings
on how to order Freight Car Rosters from Mark Branibar and decals from
Jim Kosty too. I haven't updated the opening page of the site to
reflect this yet, but the updates are out there, and more will come as
I have the time (which has been hard to come by lately!).


Jerry W. Jordak

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