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PC: Can someone help me?


I live in Canal Fulton, Ohio and am 16 years old.  My name is Tony.  I
railfan the CSX New Castle Sub around Warwick, Ohio which is where the former
PRR (PC/CR) Akron Branch crossed the B&O.  I am trying to make an album of
shots from Warwick in the days of the PRR/PC/CR and the B&O/Chessie and Canal
Fulton on the B&O CL&W Sub where the B&O and PRR ran side by side..  I have
had some help, but not too much.  I was hoping someone on here could help me.
 I can take slides and copy them into prints too.  I will pay for all the
costs.  Thanks alot.  Please email me at Finda -AT- aol.com if you can help.

Thanks, Tony

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