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PC: RE: Mackinaw (Bay City) branch


I, too, wish I had taken photos of the Bay City line.  I remember seeing a
southbound train roll past Yates on a Sunday in the 1960s, the only time I
actually saw a train on that line.  I often heard them during visits to
nearby Bloomer State Park, but couldn't get to the track in time to see
them.  Strolling the line back then, I remember seeing seeing an "End of
ABC" (facing southbound trains) sign about a mile or so north of Yates and a
"Rochester Junction" sign on a telegraph pole near a telephone box where the
Bay City line crossed the Grand Trunk Western's Romeo Subdivision.

As for your question of where to find track drawings and so on, I'm not
sure.  In the early 1980s, Bluewater was invited by the then-owners of the
Michigan Central Depot in Detroit to clean out two or three floors of the
office tower.  There wasn't much left by that point, but we nevertheless
garnered quite a collection of paper items.  A few items went to our
reference library, but most eventually went to the Michigan Rail History
Museum in Durand.  They also have material donated from other parties, so
you might try them.

You might also try any of several New York Central-oriented news groups and
web sites out there.

As you may know, the remaining segments of the PC Bay City line are:

Detroit-Utica:  Conrail Detroit Shared Assets Area

Approximately 2 miles south from the CN (GTW) junction in Lapeer:  Owned &
operated by the Lapeer Connecting Railroad.

Millington-Munger:  Owned by State of Michigan and operated by RailAmerica
(Huron and Eastern).

On this last stretch, Bluewater will be operating public excursion trains
between Millington and Denmark Junction on Saturday, August 11 during the
Old Time Days Festival.  For those who would like a longer ride, Bluewater
will also operate an excursion between Marlette (on the former Pere
Marquette) and Millington by way of Vassar.  Details to follow.

Bob Thatcher, President
Bluewater Michigan Chapter

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...I found the list by browsing Jerry's site but more importantly, I finally
found a PC-era photo of a train on this line just down the road from the
house I grew up in. If you go to _Photos, Locations, Northern Region_ and
check out the second photo, it shows a southbound freight passing in front
of the Yates Cider Mill, which is still operational and open to the

...What I don't yet have and desperately need is the railroad engineering
diagrams for the line - things like station diagrams, ZTS maps, and track
profile drawings. I've checked several sources and have struck out over the
years. It seems that this line was relatively unknown and therefore these
items may not have been saved. I hope that this is not the case and that
someone may have these types of materials stashed away somewhere...

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