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PC: PC Freight Rolling Stock Questions

I've been doing research on the Penn Central freight cars for a number of years
and some questions have come up that I need to find information on.  So I
decided to throw these out to the PC List to see if anyone can help.  Either
verification (photographic) or disproving is welcome.  Thanks for any input I

1.  Does anyone have any evidence that some of the Penn Central (or New York
Central for that matter) flexi-van mail flats were ever painted in yellow.  All
I ever saw were those painted in grey or green (painted for PC).

2.  Does anyone have any photographic evidence that any of the following boxcars
were painted with the logo and name in black instead of white.  The car numbers

151430, 164226, 213370, 213590, 213591, 237535 - 237539, 252425 - 252429,
272000, 274400, 274401, 280049, 280050, 280849, 361299.

3.  At least one 60 ft. double sliding door boxcar was painted with a red 'P' in
the logo.  I believe it was 280850.  Can anyone verify this photographically?

4.  Can anyone verify how boxcar 271834 was painted?  271833 had an orange 'C'
in the logo and 271835 had a red 'P' in the logo.

5.  For two and a half years (Jan. 1970 to Apr. 1972) PC had ten 50 ft.
refrigerator boxcars with overhead ice tanks, numbered 370000 - 370009, in
service.  Does anyone know whose cars these were originally and does anyone have
any photographs of them?

As I mentioned any help is appreciated.

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