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PC: Mackinaw (Bay City) branch

I just subscribed to this list but have had a strong interest in the PC for
many years. I grew up in Shelby Township, Michigan, then moved into
Rochester (Mich.) and now reside in Oxford (Mich.), all stations along the
old NYC Mackinaw branch. I believe that this line was also known as the Bay
City branch or subdivision of the Detroit Division.

I found the list by browsing Jerry's site but more importantly, I finally
found a PC-era photo of a train on this line just down the road from the
house I grew up in. If you go to _Photos, Locations, Northern Region_ and
check out the second photo, it shows a southbound freight passing in front
of the Yates Cider Mill, which is still operational and open to the public.
Unfortunately, the tracks themselves are long gone and much of the roadbed
has been graded into oblivion behind the locomotive.

Unfortunately for myself, by the time I was old enough to make it down to
the photo location, the tracks had been taken up and much of the railroad
atmosphere in Rochester was gone. Even so, I have always wanted to model
this trackage from Utica to Lapeer and points north. I have some USGS maps
of the area, along with a PC employee timetable showing the line. I have
also hiked the roadbed many times and have ridden the ROW by bike between
Rochester and Lake Orion, now know as the Paint Creek Trail, a local
Rails-to-Trails project.

What I don't yet have and desperately need is the railroad engineering
diagrams for the line - things like station diagrams, ZTS maps, and track
profile drawings. I've checked several sources and have struck out over the
years. It seems that this line was relatively unknown and therefore these
items may not have been saved. I hope that this is not the case and that
someone may have these types of materials stashed away somewhere.

I do not need the originals - but originals are very OK!!! - and would be
more than willing to pay for reproduction or simple photocopies of these
drawings. Electronic scans are also OK and I am willing to trade HO scale
models for anyone's effort in providing me with this information. Any and
all help will be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Dan Mitzel
Oxford, Michigan

BTW, does anyone know how to contact the photographer, Pete Bloom, or any
former employees of this line?

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