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Re: PC: Why no money?

> What I'm referring to as profit is all revenues are greater than all
costs. NO railroad anywhere in the world makes enough money to cover ALL
capital costs associated with the passenger service.


You seem to be having trouble with understanding the very different
situation in the UK, which is to all intents and purposes, a passenger
railway.  Railtrack, who own and maintain the railway infrastructure, is a
private company, funded through track access charges, not central
government, and they fund Capital costs without subsidy, except on projects
like the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, which are deemed in the national
interest'.  Thameslink is a private company, who as Mark points out pay a
premium to the Rail Regulator for the privilege of operating the franchise.
So where is the subsidy that you insist that they must be getting coming

I don't wish to wander from the subject of the PC, but I feel that these
things should be corrected.  Just because passenger services are not
self-sufficient in the US, does not mean the same for other countries.

Best regards,


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