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Re: PC: Re: RE: Re: E-60's and assorted madness

>It gives me an idea for a nasty little "what if" project, like Budd >cars
in PRR livery, and a five stripe F40PH on a true Pennsylvania 
>  I thought about repainting my Amtrak F40 in NYC colors...but this would
>  weird on my PC layout!
 I remember a few years ago there were a couple Metroliners assigned to the
Chicago area. They'd been gutted of their pans and electrical goodies and
were used in push-pull commuter service.
 They still had their control sets, and a yellow/black bee stripe paint job
on the control end. They'd also recieved a light bar with Amtrak's trademark
twin Xenon flashers and a 5 chime horn.
 They were used on the Chicago-Valparaiso commuter run. Since then, the
Metros have been booted out in favor of F40 cabbage units.
 As to the repainting of an F40 in New York Central cigar bands, why not?
The entertainment provided by watching the protoNazis writhing on the floor
foaming at the mouth would certainly be worth the grunt work of designing a
possible scheme. ;)

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