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Fw: PC: RI lines, and PC signal question

PC signal question

: Jerry,: I never saw tricolor siganls used on NYC. Are these the "Reading"
style  signals? West Shore, Hudson and Harlem  Line's all used target style
signals with inside moveable lens. Tricolor style appeared under CR. :

***ooops, almost the ENTIRE Lines West Section of the NYC was equipped with
the tri-color light signals.  It is hard to find a searchlight signal at
all, such as NYC Lines East used with regularity.  ( I found several SL's at
Toledo, rare out that way...)

Also, signals were configured for the need, three lamps were tri-; two lamps
were vertical, one lamp was centered. The Background was the same for all,
unifomity.  Almost all GRS Color lIght type, NYC preferred signal stuff

BTW, "searchlight" is the proper name for the Lines East Signal, which had a
movable relay armature with three colored disks, the lens per se was fixed.

For those looking for accurate signaling information, it can be found on Our
Railway-Signaling List, and there is a specific List just for PRRSignaling.
( all @yahoogroups.com )

 Thx Bill*-*

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