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PC: Re: Re: RE: EP-5s/E40s

Clarification...  PRR sold the "air rights" over Penn Station.  The station
infrastructure (platforms, tracks, waiting rooms, etc.) remained in place,
and under PRR ownership.  Only the building above it was razed.  Similar
arrangements have led to the "covering" of old downtown yards and stations
all over the country.

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Subject: PC: Re: RE: EP-5s/E40s

>No, Wilmington was a lot larger than Van Nest Shops in the Bronx now used
>ConEd. NH sold the shops to ConEd in the early 60's to help their finances
>and moved everything to New Haven. Simillary the PRR sold Penn Station to a
>developer to help their financial status who created Madison Square Garden.
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>> I want to change the subject somewhat to explore Van Nest.
>> Was this the eqivalant of Wilmington on the PRR?  Where is/was it and
>> information is readily available? published?
>> Thanks,
>> Conan Evans
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>>  I believe that the New Haven did use the EP-5s in freight service-
>> mostly the lighter and faster trains such as TrailLiner Service.
>>  One reason the EP-5s were not used in New Haven to Washington passenger
>> service was that their cooling systems were designed for use in the New
>> Havens' 75 mile long electrified zone where they would have a cooling
>> off period at each end. They were tested  on the PRR to Washington and
>> performed well but they required too much cool-down time at the end of
>> each run for this assignment to be practical.
>>  The closing of the Van Nest electrical shops ensured that they wouldn't
>> be mintained as well as they should have been. That didn't help much
>> either.
>>   JW

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