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PC: RE: Something to think about...

..."What if the PC had survived?
...Suppose that the PC was still around. I wonder which railroad(s) they
have gobbled up by now :)..."

Well, up my way (Michigan), if PC had managed to survive until the Staggers
Act was passed (1980, FOUR YEARS after the start of Conrail), and had been
able to take advantage of various court rulings and ICC decisions on labor,
and have some flexibility in competing for traffic, I can speculate:

  - The Detroit-Chicago (NYC) main would have been upgraded, possibly with
two-way CTC.

  - The Detroit-Bay City (NYC) line would have been rehabbed up to Lapeer
(considerable traffic exists from Utica south;  the line north from there
(and the "Thumb" trackage) would have been sold to a short line operator as
a feeder, with through trackage rights to Saginaw.

  - The Bay City-Mackinaw and Bay City-Midland (NYC) line would have been
sold to short lines.

  - The Detroit-Carleton (PRR) would have been sold to CSX in return for
Saginaw-Midland trackage rights over CSX.

  - The Fort Wayne-Grand Rapids-Cadillac-Traverse City/Petoskey (PRR) line
would have been rehabbed.  [This would be a PRIME RoadRailer route these

  - The Canada Southern line across southern Ontario (NYC) would have been
sold to Canadian Pacific in return for various haulage agreements and other
marketing considerations.

  - PC could have picked up chunks of Grand Trunk Western that parent
Canadian National was unhappy with (Detroit-Durand-Saginaw, Durand-Grand
Rapids, etc.)

Bob T.

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