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Re: PC: Re: Something to think about...

Wow, thats kool to think about!!!


> > Since we've all had enough doom and gloom on here already... I thought I'd
> > change the subject. Here are some other things to think about:
> >
> > What if the PC had survived?
> >   *What would their locomotive roster look like? Would it be all four
> >    axle power, or six axle?
> >   *Would they have continued to run electric operations alongside
> >    diesels?
> >   *Would they have extended the PRR's electrification from Harrisburg to
> >    Pittsburgh?
> >
> > Suppose that the PC was still around. I wonder which railroad(s) they
> would
> > have gobbled up by now :)
> >
> PC did prefer ALCO and GE units over EMD. As PC there would have been U36C.,
> C36-7, C40-8, C44-9, U36B, B23-7, B40-8. Some EMD's would be SD50, GP50/60
> Electric operation would probably survived and PC may have bought some
> E60C's from NdeM.
> I doubt electrification would have been extended to Pittsburgh just as Erie
> elctrification to Port Jervis, NY from Jersey City was never started.
> PC today would have had a close working relationship with the EL. EL may
> have purchased the Wallkill Valley Branch to Kingston from Campbell Hall to
> connect West Shore Line as in Maybrook EL only connected Maybrook Line. This
> would improve West Shore and Maybrook Line connections with the EL to Port
> Jervis.
> L&HR may also have became a part of the LV, bringing more thorugh LV freight
> to amd from Maybrook than handed over the L&HR each time. This would also be
> sort of like a partial revival of L&NE, another PA carrier that once came
> into Maybrook.
> Under PC, LV may have got their first SD40-2's or six axle power
> Jerome
> > --Chris Osterhus
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