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Re: PC: RI lines, and PC signal question

Chris Osterhus wrote:
> Does anyone know of a source on PC signals? I'd like to scratchbuild a few,
> but I don't know the dimensions. I have a few photos, but they're a little
> faded, and I can't make out the details. Any help will be appreciated.
You might find something on Mark Bej's signaling web site at


I don't know if he has drawings there or not, but there's probably
everything else you want to know about signals if they're not...

Isn't the term "PC signals" kind of vague? It depends on which
predecessor you're thinking of.... :-)

Depending on where you live, you can photograph PRR or NYC signals
still today. Next time I'm behind the house I can shoot a pair of
position-light signals for you, and NYC tricolor signals are found
just about anywhere in the northeast. The only ones that could be
tricky are ex-NH ones, as I think they were all eliminated on the
Shore Line with the electrification, and I don't know if the P&W or
any other operators of ex-NH trackage still have any signals still
standing. The only ex-NH signal I know of offhand is at Derby Junction
on Metro-North's Waterbury Branch, and it's been pretty well beat up
by the local rock-throwing urchins...

There's a guy (I think in Missouri) who makes really nice PRR-type
signals. They're not cheap, but the best ones I've ever seen. I
don't have the guy's name anywhere, but I know he's been at PRRT&HS
conventions and such, so someone on the list might know who I'm
talking about...


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