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PC: Re: RI lines, and PC signal question

I believe NJ International makes signals close to what PC used.

Do you have a Walthers catalog?

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Subject: PC: RI lines, and PC signal question

> >No, not all of them. Major lines like the "Cotton Rock" (Kansas City to
> >Tucumcari, NM) and the Spine Line (KC to Twin Cities) are run by UP, and
> >a number of shortlines and regionals operate smaller segments, but
> >other lines like the Choctaw Route (Tucumcari to Memphis) are mostly
> >dirt roads today. (The St. Louis to Kansas City route was inactive for
> >a number of years, although a couple years back a shortline was trying
> >to revive it against UP's wishes...don't know what came of that.)
> >
> >Alright, enough Rock Island, back to the Penn Central...
> >
> >-JWJ
> The only line I can think of is the Keokuck Junction (?) This line is
> running.
> OK, on to PC content:
> Does anyone know of a source on PC signals? I'd like to scratchbuild a
> but I don't know the dimensions. I have a few photos, but they're a little
> faded, and I can't make out the details. Any help will be appreciated.
> --Chris Osterhus
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