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Re: PC: Re: Something to think about...

Chris Osterhus wrote:
> Now, here's the next question:
> What would PC and LV's relationship look like? Subsidiary/parent or two
> independent competing rrs?
According to the org chart in _Wreck of the Penn Central_, the Lehigh
Valley was 97% owned by the Penn Central Transporation Company.

So, I'm guessing that if the "what if" scenario was still in effect, LV
would either be a) merged into PC, b) now called the Reading & Northern,
or c) a hiking trail. Since the LV's primary reason for existence was
anthracite coal, which is no longer a major product of eastern PA, I'm
guessing that options b) or c) would be the most likely. (We don't need
today four different routes from New York to Buffalo...and possibly
don't need three....look at how busy the Southern Tier is today...not.)


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