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PC: RI lines (off-topic)

Jerome wrote:
> Aren't all the RI lines still in service today under other carriers? What
> ever became of The New ROCK ISLAND after Rock ceased. I believe they had a
> few Ex-PLE GP7's of the 1500 series in the ROCK scheme.
[warning: somewhat off-topic]

No, not all of them. Major lines like the "Cotton Rock" (Kansas City to
Tucumcari, NM) and the Spine Line (KC to Twin Cities) are run by UP, and
a number of shortlines and regionals operate smaller segments, but
other lines like the Choctaw Route (Tucumcari to Memphis) are mostly
dirt roads today. (The St. Louis to Kansas City route was inactive for
a number of years, although a couple years back a shortline was trying
to revive it against UP's wishes...don't know what came of that.)

Alright, enough Rock Island, back to the Penn Central...


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