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Re: PC: RE: Re: Why no money?

Aren't all the RI lines still in service today under other carriers? What
ever became of The New ROCK ISLAND after Rock ceased. I believe they had a
few Ex-PLE GP7's of the 1500 series in the ROCK scheme.


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> > In other words, the merger was conceived and executed without any clear
> > idea of how it would move the corporation toward profitability or when
> it
> > would be achieved.
> One of the reasons for this was that Penn Central was a last ditch
> measure for survival. Every other possible merger that the PRR and NYC
> tried with other roads was shot down by the ICC. PRR + NYC was all that
> they left, and when you only have one chance to escape a sinking ship you
> try that one chance.
> Another prime example of how the ICC would kill a road just to stop a
> merger that made someone else unhappy was when the UP tried to save the
> Rock Island. The ICC kept dragging its heels when the Rock still had a
> little value. When the ICC finally realized that the Rock was dying they
> said OK. Unfortunately, the Rock was in such bad shape that the UP no
> longer wanted it. The Rock Island struggled on for a decade or so, but
> finally they just evaporated. At least the Penn Central was salvageable.
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