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Re: PC: Why no money?

Enough bickering, from a personon who has read every book on the Penn 
Central. The reason why the Penn Central went bankrupt was a couple of 
factors. Yes the NH. didn't help the over all picture of the railroad but if 
you look at the two railroads. The so called red and green teams could not 
get along with each other. New York enginers would not run Pennsy. engines 
becuase the didn't have arm rests. The top brass from each railroad could not 
get along with there counterparts,nor could the lower personnal either. Lets 
not forget the big brother goverment that made the Penn Central keep all of 
the lines that did not make a profit for the system.                        
While on the other hand let conrail cut them from the system with out batting 
an eye.Some help did come to the railroad but it was to late. That help was 
the formation of Amtrac.Of course by that time it was to late. On the other 
hand if they would have stuck to what they knew best and not invested in all 
kinds of different endevors such as real estate an sport teams they 
possiblely would of had enought money to run a railroad. If the Penn Central 
was still alive today as I believe they are in my basement they would of been 
a major player in todays market.One last note,lets not forget about all of 
us, including me, that would rather drive a car, or fly in a plane than ride 
on the trains. Well there you have it one more persons two cents worth.         

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