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Re: PC: RE: Re: Why no money?

> I remember hearing stories of passenger cars (roach coaches) being 
> trashed inside. Inoperative A/C and heat made cars miserable.

Why spend needed capital on a guaranteed money loser? If the service
stank, there was a chance they could drive off enough passengers so the
ICC would let them kill the train. If they spent money on heat and A/C,
for example, all they would have is a comfortable money loser.

There was (and is) no way to make a profit on a national intercity
passenger system  and on commuter passenger trains. It doesn't happen
anywhere in the world today, and it became impossible in the U.S. decades
ago. Amtrak, financially the best system in the world, barely covers
operating cost on the corridor (the "best" part of its system), but it
can't even think about capital from revenues.

(Don't think I'm anti passenger service. Passenger trains are an
essential service but it will take public money to make a national system

> >Parts were not readily available anymore and had to strip other 
> engines for parts. This was why some railroads re-engined GP7/9 units 
> with 645 components that became GP8/10 units.

The world is still swimming in 567 parts. Many of these rebuilds were
done for tax and accounting reasons.

Bryan Turner

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