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PC: Re: Something to think about...

> Since we've all had enough doom and gloom on here already... I thought I'd
> change the subject. Here are some other things to think about:
> What if the PC had survived?
>   *What would their locomotive roster look like? Would it be all four
>    axle power, or six axle?
>   *Would they have continued to run electric operations alongside
>    diesels?
>   *Would they have extended the PRR's electrification from Harrisburg to
>    Pittsburgh?
> Suppose that the PC was still around. I wonder which railroad(s) they
> have gobbled up by now :)
PC did prefer ALCO and GE units over EMD. As PC there would have been U36C.,
C36-7, C40-8, C44-9, U36B, B23-7, B40-8. Some EMD's would be SD50, GP50/60

Electric operation would probably survived and PC may have bought some
E60C's from NdeM.

I doubt electrification would have been extended to Pittsburgh just as Erie
elctrification to Port Jervis, NY from Jersey City was never started.

PC today would have had a close working relationship with the EL. EL may
have purchased the Wallkill Valley Branch to Kingston from Campbell Hall to
connect West Shore Line as in Maybrook EL only connected Maybrook Line. This
would improve West Shore and Maybrook Line connections with the EL to Port

L&HR may also have became a part of the LV, bringing more thorugh LV freight
to amd from Maybrook than handed over the L&HR each time. This would also be
sort of like a partial revival of L&NE, another PA carrier that once came
into Maybrook.

Under PC, LV may have got their first SD40-2's or six axle power


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