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PC: Re: Conrail classes

  Thanks to Lon Godshall who wrote:

<< There is CR equipment books out there that detail each class. >>

  That's exactly the sort of thing I (and Mike) have been looking for.  Do 
you have exact titles and info on obtaining such books?

<< You would think a Hist. society would bend over backwards to catalog the 
rolling stock. >>

  Especially now since Conrail cars, even with "NYC" reporting marks, still 
have lettering indicating not only the Conrail class designation, but often 
the original reporting marks and serial number.  This amount of info is rare, 
but unfortunately it may soon get painted over and lost forever because of 
the merger.

<< Branibar has used one for fine tuning his PC roster. One other fella I 
know has one.  They are MASSIVE. My hopper issue is 3 inches thick.  I am 
wondering were to put the whole set.  >

  The question has come up:  Are they all text, or are there also diagrams 
and photos?

    Tom Jelinek

    Bx39crle -AT- aol.com

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