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PC: PC no money

I don't think any one item or former railroad was the reason for the down
fall of the PC. It was a combination of restrictive ICC rules on car loading
rates and the unwillingness of all sides to make changes and bound by labor
rules such as the life time guarantee. This was later changed and done away
with. The men were lied too.
I hired in June 1969 in Cleveland (Collinwood) business was unbelievable
trains were running like street cars. It was common to wait at the West end
of the enginehoues at Quaker tower for a half an hour to get out. There was a
few NH units such as U-25-B's and a couple of FA's waiting to get into the
backshop. They sure didn't look too well maintained as the freight car roster
suffered from years of true neglect. I can't say about the passenger end as I
didn't see it. The thing that haunts me to this day is the fact that young
kids were getting killed in Viet Nam to move the economy. I hired 2 weeks
before I got out of school and a few of guys who I knew well paid the price.
           Chip Syme

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