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Re: PC: PC Roster Book Vol. 3

  Of the PC Roster Books, Michael L Wingard asked the Penn Central list:

<< How do you order these books?  The subject matter looks very interesting! 

  Jerry's already refered you to info on ordering these books, now $15 rather 
than $10 per volume.

  He's a copy of a message I sent to the Freightcars and Conrail lists just a 
little while ago:

<<  In reference to the Mark Branibar PC Roster Books, I realize I'm 
recommending these books almost sight-unseen, though Mark did send me a 
couple of sample pages.
<<  I can't really describe everything, but I can see that the page for PC 
car series TOC 149150-149199 tells me it's PC class 135-B, former NYC 
210000-210399, a 1967 conversion at the Beech Grove Shops, a 50-ft 4-in. XM 
with 8-foot single sliding door.  He also lists the number of these cars in 
service in 34 different editions of the ORER, ranging from July 1968 to July 
<<  This is a lot of information, from which one should in most cases be able 
to locate a more detailed description of these cars.  >>

  From what I've seen, the books don't hand you a picture on a plate of every 
single car.  They do give you a lot of important figures, as noted above, so 
that you can probably learn what you need to model most of these cars - if 
you're at least semi-serious about freight cars.
  That means you have to have a few books and magazines, and are willing to 
research even a little further, including on the net.
  For example, I've got some data books I bought from the NYC Historical 
Society that I'll bet can tell me a little more about the cars cited above.  
An old ORER might provide a clue as to whether Conrail kept these cars in the 
same serial numbers. Etc.

    Tom Jelinek

    Bx39crle -AT- aol.com

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