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Re: PC: PC Roster Book Vol. 3

  In response to my question about the PC Roster books, Jerry Jordak wrote:

<< The last line of the order sheet I have (which eventually will also get 
posted to the web site) says to allow 4 weeks for delivery. I believe Mark 
told me he has to manually print out, assemble, and bind each copy.

<< I also get the feeling that the roster books proved to be more popular 
than Mark ever thought, so he might be a little behind in filling orders. 
Maybe he can confirm/deny that for us. >>

  I noticed that 4 weeks comment also, and I understand that he could also 
reasonably be expected to get behind, but I decided to ask just because of my 
if-y local postal situation, and so it would be nice if he announced to the 
PC list whenever the next volume is actually ready, even if it's a little 
behind schedule.

  By the way, I just recommended these books, almost sight-unseen, to the 
Conrail lists, since his books would fill a big info gap for that railroad 

    Tom Jelinek

    Bx39crle -AT- aol.com

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