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PC: Fwd: PC Gons in Alabama

Passing along a message that got stabbed by the list server. BTW, Bryan
sent me photos of these cars, and I'll be posted them on the Sightings
page of the web site in the next day or two.  -JWJ

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From: lnrr -AT- juno.com
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Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2001 19:25:50 -0600
Subject: PC Gons in Alabama

There are two Penn Central G44A gons in the house track on CSX in
Ardmore, Alabama. These cars (along with some old L&N hoppers) are being
used to haul off old code line poles. Both of these cars (built in May
1968) have red/white worms.

The cars are NYC 598235 and NYC 598204. It was interesting to see the
slight variations between two cars of the same class built at the same

Also, 598235 is on at least the third set of Amtech tags! There are two
old brackets on each side of the car. (598204 doesn't have any old tag

As usual, these gons look like they've had a very rough life.

Bryan Turner

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