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Re: PC: Re: RE: Re: E-60's

Pinkepank and Marre's Diesel Spotters' Guide Update shows the
E60C     ac/dc     5100hp     50kv/60hz    12/72-10/76  6 made USA
E60CP   ac/dc     6000hp     11kv/25hz    10/74-    /75   7 made USA
E60CH  ac/dc     6000hp      11/kv/25hz       /75-08/76   19 made USA

All by GE.  E60CP and E60CH models were for Amtrak, for purposes of design
were not Road Switchers. Tracking problems held up delivery during 1975.
Amtrak became disenchanted with them as The FRA restricted them to 90mph.

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