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PC: RE: RE: E-60's

John Armstrong writes:

"..A portion of the order was built with steam generators and the rest with
HEP.  A 12 to 14 split sticks in my mind.".

Only 6 were delivered with steam generators , with original numbers 950-955.
The balance were HEP equipped (E-60 MA). Budd Amfleet development was
concurrent with the E-60 program, and was being "fast tracked", due to the
deteriorating condition of corridor steam equipment, and the high in service
failure rate of the Metroliner MU equipment. Two steamers remain, (620-621),
in work train service. These units never received MAs. The E-60 program was
also tainted by reliability problems that linger to present. Unfortunately,
both the Acela trainsets, and the HHP-8 motors seem to have inherited the
reliability problems of the Metroliners and E60s.

BTW all initial testing was performed under the PC as PC retained ownership
and control of the corridor through out it's existence.
Joe W.

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