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PC: Re: Re: RE: Re: E-60's

Several E60's are still in service. While not designed as a high speed
engine at the time, they can sure out perform any AEM7.  Acele Express has
nothing to do with E60's as there will always be Acela Regional trains that
need an alectric engine to pull them. Don't forget NJT still has a pair of
Ex-Amtrak E60's on property as back ups tp ALP44's

Metroliner service started around 1969 but testing while under PRR. Trains
were stored at Trenton. Yes, there are pictures of PRR Metroliner's. I have
some I took. Keystone was under engineers window and sides.

They were a nice train, but Amtrak did not see it that way and used crappy
Amfleet cars pulled by an AEM7 and called them Metroliner's. Nothing can be
a Metroliner than the original. AEM7 is no Metroliner.

I doubt the PRR would have ever bought F40's since at the time they were
trying to eliminate service as were other railrods were doing. Surprising
the GN bought new passenger SDP45 units,  SAL SDP35's and ATSF U28CG units
for passenger service. And with Cowl units, ATSF bought U30CG, FP45 units as
did MILW own five FP45's. Last new passenger units before Amtrak.

Imagine a pair of GE U34CG units on the Phoebe Snow!!!


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