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PC: Re: RE: Re: E-60's

In 1974-75 all Amtrak trains were heated by steam both diesel and electric/
engines. HEP cars did not exist then on Amtrak.  Hudson Line trains were
still steam heated cars and boiler equiped E8's. Only EL was operating HEP
powered passenger cars in the NJ-NY metro area.

No GE Model E60CH exists. There were ony E60CP and E60CF models. All HO
models show the E60 with steam generator equipment as built. After Amtrak
installed HEP they were reclassified by Amtrak as E60MA.


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> "Not sure when E60's came but they originally were equiped as GG-1
> replacements with steam boilers. No HEP built E60's existed. HEP was added
> later by Amtrak as they phased out steam heated cars. "
> This is not entirely correct.  A portion of the order was built with steam
> generators and the rest with HEP.  A 12 to 14 split sticks in my mind.
> John
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