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PC: Re: Flexi-Flo car

Anyone need some cars to work from, I have 3 I can spare..  each has a step
or two broken but is otherwise all there.    I'd be willing to strip them
for a little extrra...    I'd like to get $10 each if that's not too
unreasonable (I see new in box ones go for $20) or a deal on all 3.   One is
a GN, one Shell, and I think the other one is yellow like the shell car but
some other road.

E-mail me off list - thanks

Bill K.

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Subject: PC: Flexi-Flo car

> Hey gang,
> This link was posted on another list and I thought I'd pass it along to
> the PC List. (Apologies to those of you who've seen it already.) It
> explains about how to model one of those PC/NYC Flexi-Flo cars based on
> the plastic AHM model. The author made a CR model from it, but the
> techniques would also apply if you're making a PC model too.
> http://www.mrhobby.com/flexi.html
> -JWJ

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