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Re: PC: PC Alco question

PC did get five new SD45's 6235-6239 in 1968 that were part of a PRR order
and came delievered as PC. After this came five SD40's 6240-6244 which may
have been ordered as SD45's but changed to SD40 by PC before built. PRR, EL
and NH usully ordered engines in lots of 15 each with option to buy more.

Did PC ever consider buying U36C's as EL did? I believe PC's last and final
order of new power came in the form of 150 GP38-2's, the Only DASH-2's ever
ordered by PC just as EL got the only Dash-2 SD45-2 models, but they did get
U36C's where PC didn't.

> Hi all,
> Here's some information concerning the PC Alco question posed.  The PRR
> an order in late 1967 with Alco for fifteen model C-636 locomotives.
> construction and delivery ended up being the second new locomotive
delivery for
> Penn Central, after the twenty new GE U33C locomotives.  The C-636's were
> numbered 6330 to 6344, had builder's numbers 3499-01 to 3499-15, builder's
> of March and April 1968, and were all delivered by the end of April 1968.
> Coincidently, the last of this order was delivered in the same time frame
as the
> last of the U33C order.
> As far as I know it was not the last locomotive order placed at Alco by a
> railroad but PC did not place any other orders with Alco after the

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