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PC: RE: PC Alco question


The Diesel Era issue that had the big C430 article mentions a PC order for
(I believe) 12 C430's.  

I worked with a guy who had worked at Alco when I was in marketing at MK in
the late 80's.  He told me that there were a number of orders that were
canceled or were never placed when they announced the closing.  I guess the
RI looked at C430's (and I believe this is mentioned in the Diesel Era
article), the PC was looking at more C636's, the SP&S had a firm order for 2
C636's and 4 C415's just to name the ones that I can remember.


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> Hi. I'm new to the Penn Central list. I've read that the PC had 15 Alco's
> on order when Alco shut it's doors. Does anyone know of what model
> locomotive they were? I've read they were either C-430's, or C-636's.
> Thanks.
> Al Seever
> Minneapolis, MN

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