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Re: PC: Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 14:58:20 -0600

I use this guideline: If I'm interested in bidding on the item, I keep my
mouth (fingers?) shut. If I'm not interested, I let the group know, if it's
an unusual item. ;-)

But seriously, it's certainly appropriate and welcome. I'd restrict it to
notable items, though. Timetables, schedules, switchlocks and the like are
fairly common, there's usually several up for auction at any one time. Items
like PC books, conductor's hats, etc., are more unusual and probably worth
of mention.

If you see a PC Usher's hat badge, let me know, but no one else.

Peter King in NY

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Hmmmm--is it bad/inappropriate for me to let folks know when I come across
related books on eBay? If y'all would prefer that I didn't, please let me
know. I can't tell if this posting is trying to say that or not. Please

seaboardempire -AT- earthlink.net

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Another book posting to note: PRR Hudson to Horseshoe (Morning Sun) is up
for bid on eBay with 6 days to go and is at $16. Again, not my auction (and
not really PC, but I know there are a lot of PRR/PC fans on the list), but
thought you guys would want to know.
Of course, now that it's on the list the price will go through the roof.

Bryan Turner

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