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Re: PC: Re: Model Committee /PC CARs

Gene writes:

Realistically, there's no reason Atlas wouldn't be able to do both!
However,  we
should focus our efforts on one goal for a first project, to show whoever
we decide to work with that the society is serious about what we wish to

I think above all, that will be the single most important benefit derived
from this exercise.  If we screw up the initial project, it could close
doors to us which would be a Really Bad Thing at this stage of the
Society's life.

Whatever we supply for prototype info must be nearly flawless. Our contact
with the manufacturer should be through a single representative in the

The key here is to ensure they will *WANT* to work with us in the future.

My two cents worth of opinion is that Gene is right on the money with this.
The first PC project should be reputation.
Robin L. Harris

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