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Re: PC: Mark-outs

On Sat, 27 Jan 2001, Lon Godshall wrote:
> The mark out increased tremendously in 1970? I think. There was a big
> push to get the worms everywhere possible. This is probably where all
> the wierd paint-outs came from.

Has anyone ever kept notes on what PC predecessor roads' cars are available
which are suiable for prototypical remarking as PC?

I picked up some Accurail HO green cigar band logo boxes which I was going to
renumber for use up at our club. I couldn't get digits off the road numbers
without roaching the paint jobs (the flat, powdery "jade" green they use) so I
used some "PC" green to box out the road numbers and reporting marks on 4 of
them and made PC re-mark decals for them. The effect came out pretty cool if
not perfectly prototypical. I forget where I saw a similarly re-marked NYC
cigar band box once. 

I am in the middle of doing an early Amtrak (we do middle 70's at the club)
passenger train with PC black E8's (P2K c/p job) on the head end renumbered to
Atk, but still with heralds. A real ratty rattler complete with "ghosted" road
name boards on some of the scruffy stainless coaches.

Doing the nasty 70's has been a lot of fun.


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