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PC: Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2001 16:11:47 -0600

Hello everyone---one of the aspects of PC that I am interested in modeling is the "splotchout" paint jobs on some NYC, PRR and NH cars. It is not uncommon today to see paint splotches where 4 or more reporting marks and logos have been covered over, but I am interested in finding pictures of predecessor cars that PC gave this treatment to. I have only seen one, an ex-PRR X-58 with PC/Jade Green splotches over its logos, and that is a photo on the Gelwood Fallen Flags site (for those who don't know it yet, here is the URL http://www.dnaco.net/~gelwood/ ) in the PC rolling stock section. Can anyone suggest a site, book, or article which has photos of such cars? How common was the splotch-out approach by PC? We all know how Big Blue tried to blot out PC's existence where/whenever possible, but how much or how little of that did PC do to its predecessor road's rolling stock? I would love to model it--can anyone point me in the right direction? Feel free to reply on or off list.

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