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Re: PC: Wrecker stripes/Spreader color/logo size

"Craig E. Hatter" wrote:
> In the Morning Sun PC equipment guide, there are several photographs of the
> wrecker #X-27 that show diagonal red visibilty stripes across the rear of
> the cab. Was this standard practice for PC or from one of the predecessor
> roads? If standard, was application hit or miss and a photo needed for
> verification?

As a follow-up to my prior post, I checked my PC, NYC, and PRR color
guide books tonight. The PRR cranes were all numbered in the 49xxxx
series on the PRR, while the NYC cranes were numbered X-xx. The crane
with the stripes in the PC color guide was definitely ex-NYC.

I checked George Elwood's web site, and could find only one crane
picture: http://gelwood.railfan.net/other/pc/pc50080l.jpg

The crane number is actually 50081, which makes sense, since PC
numbered all of its non-revenue equipment in a 5-digit number series,
with revenue equipment in six-digit series. I'm not enough of a crane
expert to tell if PC 50081 pictured on George's site was ex-PRR or
ex-NYC...my guess, being on the Corridor, it was ex-PRR.
> What color, as a rule, were the spreaders used by PC and and approximately
> what size were the logos used on the sides of the carbody?

That I don't know. I couldn't find any pictures of PC spreaders on the
web, and there are none in the equipment guide book. (Gary Stuebben, any
spreader pictures in your collection?)

Off-topic: while looking on George Elwood's site, I found this picture of
one of the baggage cars at the Lancaster, Pa, station:


Those who were at the 2000 PCRRHS convention would remember this car.
The photo was dated 1992, so we can be sure that those cars were at the
station for at least 9 years...


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