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PC: Re: PC Roster

>> Seems to me that a new PC Power book might be a FUTURE project for the
>> PCRRHS to consider.  I'm sure there are a lot of folks out there that
>> would be willing to contribute slides and photos...
>Well, in order to stem the inevitable flood of e-mails suggesting that we
>do it, I will say that such a book has been discussed in casual
>amongst different PCRRHS officers and trustees. However, I don't think this
>would be a project that we would undertake anytime soon.

Well, I suppose it's time to let the cat out of the bag.

I have started work on just such an undertaking.  For those that may be
unaware, I was fortunate enough to shoot many rolls of Verichrome Pan 120
and a decent amount of Kodachrome (back in the Kodachrome II days) during
the PC era.  All told, there are probably 4,000 PC shots (mostly
locomotives) in the collection.  What photos I don't have, I've made
tentative arrangements to borrow from other collections.  Basically, I
either have photos (or access to photos) of every locomotive class in most
(if not all) paint schemes as they ran on the PC. And I have indexed all my
photos in a computer database that allows me to quickly identify those
photos that should be included in the book.

I have copies of the rosters and most of the information necessary to bring
this project about.  I have a publisher who is interested in printing the
book.  What I do not have a lot of is spare time, and anyone who has ever
tried to put something like this together can appreciate what an enormous
time consuming task it is.  If you have a full time job, it can easily take
several years of your spare time. I have already invested hundreds of hours
with no end in sight.

So help is on the way, if not exactly around the corner.  In the mean time,
Yanosey's PC power is about as good a reference as you will find.

Those who have purchased the NYC System Historical Society's diesel roster
book know that it contains disposition data on NYC locomotives.  I would be
grateful to anyone who could tell me where I might find similar data on the


Gary Stuebben
Dayton, OH

P.S. Those who object to paying $75+ for PC Power should try to pick up a
copy of McLean's book on the P&LE.  It took Amazon 6 months to find me a
copy, and it was over $100.  I've since seen another copy for sale at $150,
and we're not talking about new condition either!

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