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Re: PC: Re: PC Passenger car book

This is where the society should look long and hard at what it is trying to
accomplish with such and endeavor. Is this for the members and as such can
be made in small enough quantities, ala the class or locomotive type volumes
previuosly mentioned in other posts, while still maintaining the fiscal
viability of the HS? OR do you want to use this as a vehicle to make money
and your target audience moves way beyond those HS/internet member types?
This dilemma is one faced by almost all the RRHS's. Some have done very
well, i.e. the UP, L&N, and C&NW. While others have struggled trying to be
everyman for both members and non-members, i.e. the C&OHS. I'm not bashing
any HS, just the mission choices some have made and the pitfalls inherent in
possibly making the incorrect choice.

> Agreed.....passenger cars aren't the best barometer of interest, but at
> the same time, if we lose our shirt on this printing, it might make the
> Society's leadership a little gun shy to try another one, even if it
> might be on a more popular subject.

> >From the interest I've seen on the list, even over the past few years,
> I think we'd have a decent market for a PC locomotive book, especially
> if you get the word out to rest of the model railroad community that
> isn't on the net or this list.

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