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Re: PC: Re: PC Passenger car book

S C Sillato wrote:
> I have to agree with Robin.  I'm not much of a passenger car buff, other
> than riding on them. 
Agreed.....passenger cars aren't the best barometer of interest, but at
the same time, if we lose our shirt on this printing, it might make the
Society's leadership a little gun shy to try another one, even if it
might be on a more popular subject.

> Would it be worth doing a poll on my list to see the
> interest from the modelers side?

>From the interest I've seen on the list, even over the past few years,
I think we'd have a decent market for a PC locomotive book, especially
if you get the word out to rest of the model railroad community that
isn't on the net or this list.

Personally, I try to discourage "polls" and such things on my list, as
I hate the bandwidth that they waste, but if you want to flood your
list with "me too" messages, that's up to you. :-) But I don't think
you need to do a poll on your list to see the interest that's out
there--the people paying $71 and up for copies of _PC Power_ on eBay
should be proof positive that there's still a market for a good Penn
Central locomotive book.


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