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Re: PC: Re: PC Roster

S C Sillato <ssillato -AT- gcfn.org> said: 

> Seems to me that a new PC Power book might be a FUTURE project for the
> PCRRHS to consider.  I'm sure there are a lot of folks out there that
> would be willing to contribute slides and photos...

Well, in order to stem the inevitable flood of e-mails suggesting that we
do it, I will say that such a book has been discussed in casual conversation
amongst different PCRRHS officers and trustees. However, I don't think this
would be a project that we would undertake anytime soon. Steve is right
when he say "FUTURE". Right now we already have one book project going--the
PC passenger car guide reprint. I'm sure that before we start a project to
publish a locomotive book that we'd have to first look at the sales of the
passenger car book to see if it would be fiscally a worthwhile venture
(hint, hint). I'm sure we could come up with enough material, but we'd
still need help from the research and historical side to make sure it is
accurate, and that would be a bulk of the work. So I think sooner or
later we'll probably end up doing something like that, but don't hold me
to it.

> Maybe it could be done in small chunks like a series of booklets...one on
> RS3's and Dewitt geeps, one on GP7's &9's, one on RS11's and 32's, etc...
That's a pretty good idea....we could do it in volumes like Mark Branibar's
freight car roster.


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