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Re: PC: Re: PC Roster

Seems to me that a new PC Power book might be a FUTURE project for the
PCRRHS to consider.  I'm sure there are a lot of folks out there that
would be willing to contribute slides and photos...

Maybe it could be done in small chunks like a series of booklets...one on
RS3's and Dewitt geeps, one on GP7's &9's, one on RS11's and 32's, etc...

Any other thoughts......?????

On Sun, 21 Jan 2001, Patrick wrote:

> Hi--yes, he would have to round up all the slides and such again, or, better yet, go more for color ones and less for the B&W this go around. While 13-D doesn't require a whole lot of imagination, the color pics would sure help in seeing the best way to 
weather model locos for PC--I don't think just hosing them with Grimy Black really qualifies. Doing one of these books can really be quite a project. One prominent and prolific author I know has been working on a BN Color Guide for over 3 years. I'd love t
o see one for the SCL, but that is a different list to bug people on. Keep hope (for the PC) alive!
> Patrick
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> Patrick wrote:
> > I told him about the sky-high prices on the PC Power books on eBay (one
> > is now up to $71) and suggested that there was a market for a revised
> > second edition. He talked about how difficult it is to create a second > edition of such a work, and that offering second editions could hurt
> > the sales of releases because folks might decide to wait for later
> > printings. Both valid points, and I have to agree with him. 
> How about instead of a revised second edition he just reprint the
> original version? Three reasons for this: a) I don't know how much you
> could change the original...just about all the data you'd ever need was
> in it, b) the poor saps paying $71 on eBay would probably rather pay $45
> or $50 for a brand new copy, revised or not, and c) it would be a lot
> easier for Mr. Yanosey and Company to reprint. (I'm assuming on the
> last point--I don't know if they would need to get back all of the 
> original slides and prints that were in the original book, or if there's
> some "master" sitting around that they can print off again. My ignorance
> of the publishing world is showing here.)
> > While I am all for capitalism, free markets, etc., it kills me to pay
> > well above market for books such as PC power just because I was not in
> > the hobby when it came out.
> All I can say is that I'm thankful for what had to have been good
> foresight was I was in high school and shelled out $45 plus S&H to
> order my copy of _Penn Central Power_. To me, at the time, that was a
> rather large sum of money, but I'm glad I bought it when I did.
> Later,
> -Jer
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