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Re: PC: Re: PC Roster

 The impression I get from The Book is that it was written more from a
historical perspective. It wasn't intended as a modeling guide or as a
trivia guide.
 Giving information on the exact paint states of every unit would have made
the book very oversized and very much less readable. The intent was to give
an overview of the most diverse locomotive roster in the United States, and
do it in a reasonable format. I don't think Morning Sun was or is willing to
eat the cost of a telephone book-sized publication yet. The RSD-15
information would not be part of this intent. And it's very possible that
(unfortunately) no torpedo Geep pictures were offered or forthcoming when it
was published.
>Where is information about
>  which units from NH (or NYC, or PRR, or P&E, etc.) just had their
>  logo painted out and the worms or letters slapped on top of the black
>  patch?  Or when did they receive their complete PC repaint?  Did RSD-15's
>  lose their underbelly water tanks before PC or after?

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