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Re: PC: RE: Penn Central Power Book Price

 Back in 1996 I found a copy of The Book in Georgia of all places, after I
get stationed at Fort Stewart. Bull Street Station in Savannah had a copy,
still in the shipping saran wrap, in the window, and I paid $55 for it.
 The cover was way faded, but I wasn't (and won't) buy a Morning Sun book as
a collectible. That implies that they get shoved up on a shelf somewhere and
collect dust.
 Actually, I'm happy with the few Morning Suns I've gotten, although the
binding split on my Pennsy Car Guide. (Motherf$%^-ing government contract
movers...) and if it's something I'm interested in and will get good use
from, don't mind the $45 price.

>  I purchased one of the recent copies for sale on ebay for 81.00 and am
>  very pleased since it was in great shape. Did I pay to much? maybe... I
>  have wanted one for years and was very pleased to be able to buy it.

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