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Re: PC: Re: PC Roster

Patrick wrote:

> I told him about the sky-high prices on the PC Power books on eBay (one
> is now up to $71) and suggested that there was a market for a revised
> second edition. He talked about how difficult it is to create a second >
edition of such a work, and that offering second editions could hurt
> the sales of releases because folks might decide to wait for later
> printings. Both valid points, and I have to agree with him.

How about instead of a revised second edition he just reprint the
original version? Three reasons for this: a) I don't know how much you
could change the original...just about all the data you'd ever need was
in it,...

IMO, waiting for a second or later printing on any railroad book is
foolish.  Most times they NEVER come.  If you think a second printing might
be better, buy the first edition and hold it until the second is released,
and then sell the first printing copy on eBay.  A bird in hand...

Also IMO, with no disrespect to Mr. Yanosey, there are MANY things that
could be done to a second edition of PC Power.  For example, where are
shots/information about torpedo tube GP7's?  Where is information about
which units from NH (or NYC, or PRR, or P&E, etc.) just had their parentage
logo painted out and the worms or letters slapped on top of the black paint
patch?  Or when did they receive their complete PC repaint?  Did RSD-15's
lose their underbelly water tanks before PC or after?
Sorry about the ranting, but PC Power is an appetizer.  Give me the meat.
I'll gladly pay for the complete meal when it comes out, and keep the
original, too.

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